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In your application to become a Singaporean PR, many challenges await you and you will face obstacles to overcome. Do not give and hang in there, it will all be worth it when you obtain your PR status. This is a step by step guide that will help you prepare the necessary documents and hopefully you will be successful in your Singapore PR application.

Candidates will undergo a tedious and long process if the necessary documentation is not prepared in advance or correctly presented. If this occurs, it can extend the duration of the process and may even lead to failure in the application. Hence, there are a set of steps to abide by which ensures that your application is reviewed fairly. All of the requirements set by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) has to be followed closely and carefully as they are the decision-makers of whether you pass or fail the PR application process. The assessing agents are required to have justifiable reasons to pass or fail an application so they are unable to abuse their authority.

The frequent explanation of why PR application gets rejected is because of a lack or improper documentation. How the documentation is presented is crucial in ensuring your chance of becoming a Singaporean PR. With that being said, it is a known fact that there is only a slim chance of being accepted by the ICA. Hence, you would have to plan and prepare how you would gather, verify and ensure that your documents are accepted by them.

It is good to prepare early and ensure that you file or scan all your documents such as payslips and proof of residing in Singapore for a minimum of half a year. Relating documents like a valid work pass issued by the government as well as payslips would indicate that you were employed by a Singaporean firm during your stay in Singapore.

Identification is also another essential documentation that is required by the ICA as the government is very particular about false identity. A photograph identification of yourself must be taken within the past three months together with your birth certificate that has to be submitted to ICA. The language used must be in English or an arrangement should be made to translate any foreign languages into English. Failure to comply with these criteria serve as a justification for the ICA to reject your application. It is very important that you verify and ensure that all information provided is true, if not, you risk the chance of never becoming a PR in Singapore.

If you complied with all of the above and adhere to the strict regulations of the ICA but still got rejected, do not worry as you can reapply indefinitely. However, after a failure in your application, do invest time and effort to strengthen your next application to increase your chances of success and becoming a PR in Singapore.