Posted on: May 7, 2021 Posted by: Hailey Zachary Comments: 0

A gazebo can be an excellent addition for many types of businesses, especially during these uncertain times of Covid-19, where social distancing is the new norm. The British weather is often changeable at best, so having an area outside that people can use to stay dry and warm can be an excellent addition and help increase business if you are in the leisure industry. Below are some of the uses for a gazebo that may benefit your business and help you stand out from your competitors.

A Gazebo For Pubs, Bars, & Clubs

With the restrictions placed on socialising, many bars and pubs have gone to extraordinary measures to ensure their patrons’ safety, including building commercial gazebos. With the summer in the UK often being so cold and wet, having an area outside of your pub for customers to use and stay dry is an excellent idea. You can create a sheltered area that will protect customers from the rain, and you can also use them in winter if you add heaters to them. Adding a gazebo to your pub can give your customers somewhere to drink and eat outside at any time of year and help them stay dry and warm while they enjoy your fairs.

Gazebos For Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant you can also consider adding a gazebo or two outside your property which will allow you to serve your customers alfresco. To enable them to be used throughout the year, you may wish to add heaters to them and also have sheets to cover the sides when it rains, and prevent customers from getting wet. You may also need to create a covered walkway outside to get to the gazebo, as when it rains the food may get wet when taking it to the table, or you can purchase covers for your trays to protect the food.

A Gazebo For Your Business

You do not have to be in the leisure to make sure of a gazebo for your business, and your office or warehouse can also have one if you have sufficient space available. It will give your workers somewhere to relax when on their break or taking lunch, and allow them to be outside no matter what the weather does.

The Different Styles Of Gazebo Available

When it comes to building a gazebo for your business, they are available in many different styles and designs, so there is an option for all tastes. You can choose an off-the-shelf design or a bespoke one that precisely matches your requirements. You will need to check whether you require planning permission for the structure, which will depend on your local council and the size of the gazebo you are looking to build. You can click here to see details about planning permission in England and Wales from the government website, which will help you to get started. With a bit of creativity and careful planning, you can expand your useable space for your business outside and create an aesthetically pleasing structure that will help keep your workers or customers happy, which is worth the investment required.