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Zoo is the best place to explore and experience the life forms of animals and birds. Millions of visitors can be seen enjoying their pleasurable visit to popular zoos in Quebec. While visiting one of the most entertaining cities of Canada don’t miss to visit the world-famous zoos.

Few special features of popular zoos in Quebec:

  • Zoo de Granby – This is the most popular zoos in Quebec that is home to a wide variety of animal species in natural surroundings. The zoo boasts of inhabiting more than two hundred uncommon species of fauna. Baby sharks, snow leopards, anacondas, hippos, giraffes, gorilla and giant kangaroos are some of the most awesome animals luring people to visit the zoo often.
  • Zoo sauvage de Saint -Felicien – This diversified zoo is quite popular mainly for providing shelter to seventy-five species of animals belonging to vast boreal wilderness of other continents, especially North America. You can witness the Siberia tiger, Japanese macaque and even the Bactrian camel from Mongolia. The main attraction of the zoo is the 7 km train trail to watch the animals living in natural surroundings. The other attractions for children to enjoy the whole day are water games, educational tours, petting the animals in close proximity and watch the animal’s daily activities.
  • Park Safari – If you love to know the gigantic wild animals belonging to the African continent, make sure to visit this wonderful animal sheltered park. To have a unique experience in close proximity with the wild animals’ visitors are allowed to enter a glass tunnel. You can enjoy the exclusive water games and can avail safari adventure to watch thirty-three species of exclusive animals of other continents and can feed Giraffe at the Terrace Africa.

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  • Biodome: As the name suggests it is a planned natural habitat of thousands of animals and plants of varied species from different continents. You can enjoy the guided tour to get detailed information of the animals and plants you watch while walking on the zoo’s path. There you can visualise the miniature representation of remarkable ecosystem of America.

To find hotel zoo Granby you can anytime stay in Chateau Bromont located near the zoo. Hence, with your family and friends you can enjoy the chateau hospitality while having best life time experience while exploring the live activities of the exclusive animals in the zoo.