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The city of Dubai is highly committed to the safety of their guests. That is why they are taking measures to make sure that all those arriving in the nation are fully fit and free from COVID-19. From the moment the guests arrive at the airport, testing for COVID-19 begins. However, after the pandemic, they are likely to loosen up the strings and allow the passengers to travel as they like.Like the other destinations, tourists here also have to adhere to certain rules and regulations of the nation. All these rules will be for all the flights including Delhi-Dubai, Mumbai to Dubai flights along with all other international flights.

Keep these guidelines in mind while you visit Dubai post COVID-19 –

  • Going by the new rules, all those who are entering Dubai must show their certificate of being negative of COVID-19. Alternatively, some tourists can also opt for getting tested just by arriving at the airport. All those travellers who have been tested positive will be required to spend 14 days in isolation.
  • Even after the COVID-19, the tourists are required to download the COVID-19 DXB app in their smartphones. They must also register all the required information so that the concerned people are contacted when the need be. Even after the vaccine arrives, these rules are mandatory to follow.
  • The tourists who have health insurance must show it to the Dubai authorities before entering the UAE. There has been a new rule that even the airline will not board the passenger who does not have valid health insurance. This will most likely happen of any tourist shows any sign of COVID-19.
  • Those travellers who have been tested negative can enjoy Dubai like it is. They can visit beaches, malls as well as the heritage sites. All these places are eager to welcome the tourists after the pandemic gets over. Therefore, wait no more and immediately book your flights from Mumbai to Dubai.
  • The food in Dubai is also highly exotic and attracts thousands of people from all around the world. The restaurants are also eagerly waiting for their international customers to arrive so that they can keep spreading love through food and glory.

The final word

The above mentioned were just some of the guidelines that passengers entering Dubai must follow. This nation gives the safety of the travellers the top priority, and they are not going to compromise on this.Those who have booked their Dubai flight ticket must be assured that there is always someone to look after them.