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It is important to be prepared for the surprises that life can bring. Will, probate, and estate attorneys help you handle estate planning, will drafting, powers of attorney, enduring guardianship, advanced care directives, and family provision claims. You need to be prepared when the day comes.

They Are Experts in Probate Matters

When you lose a loved one, you need an expert who understands the complexities of probate matters. They will help you identify the executor, confirm the death, and make sure that the will is authentic and that assets of the deceased are transferred to the executor.

They have experience in preparing the necessary documents to secure probate and call in the assets while paying the liabilities. They can assist the executor to make sure that real estate and other assets are transferred to the beneficiaries, and they help gain access to bank accounts. If any claims need to be pursued, they can also take care of it.

They Help with Will and Estate Planning

When you have a legally binding will, you can relax because your assets will be handed down as you wish after you are gone. It is important to make sure that you have a will that can’t be contested, and working with an experienced will dispute lawyer in Parramatta will help you with this.

They can also create an estate plan that covers the financial support of your family, your retirement finances, and your business arrangements. It specifies who and where your assets will go. If you need international wills or interstate wills that include assets that you hold in other locations, they will help with that as well.

They Can Help You Challenge a Will

You may find yourself on the other side with a need to challenge a will. When a loved one has died and you suspect that he or she has been manipulated or tricked into making changes, you will need an expert to help you get to the bottom of it. You can challenge a will in certain circumstances, such as when you can prove that the deceased didn’t have the capacity to understand and sign the will.

Another claim is called a Family Provision Claim. This is used in a situation where you were not provided for adequately. The law considers a number of factors, such as the financial needs of family members, whether or not the situation is grossly unfair, the rights and needs of any dependents of the deceased, whether or not the deceased had the mental capacity to sign it, or whether the executor was influenced by an outside party.

These are all important issues that are best resolved with an expert who understands the law and has experience in these situations.