Posted on: August 18, 2021 Posted by: Hailey Zachary Comments: 0

If you’ve settled in the UK from another country, you may be missing your family overseas and wanting them to join you. But events such as Brexit have made it complex, and you need to ensure you bring your loved ones over legally, so you don’t fall foul of the authorities. Make sure you do your research.

Find out whether the move is feasible

There are certain situations where bringing a family member into the UK may be covered by certain immigration schemes. Some common situations where people apply include:

  • Bringing their spouse into the country
  • Bringing elderly parents into the UK to care for them
  • Getting their children settled in the UK from their home country
  • Older children who are still dependents wanting to join their parents

In most cases, other family members such as extended family aren’t covered, so you may need to find a different way for them to move.

Get legal advice

You should always ensure that you get legal advice for bringing your relatives to the UK. This is because the system is complex and confusing, and if you try to take things on yourself, you may be waiting years for a resolution. Hire a cheap immigration lawyer Leeds and get them to look at your case. They’ll be much better at giving you specific advice.

The UK does allow settled citizens to bring their family members with them, but sometimes it can take a while and mean dealing with red tape, so good legal advice is a must for all immigrants.