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You and your partner have lived in the same house for getting on twenty years and are reaching a time in your lives where you are considering the future as retirement looms in a decade or so. It’s never too soon to plan for those senior years and being comfortable in your home is a major factor.

You have been considering whether to move to a more modern place even though you do like where you are currently located. You have become a part of the community and work is within easy reach. Instead, you decide on a home refurbishment, and talking to friends has given you the inspiration to go for a dramatic change in several rooms when you discover Adflex Protective Coatings.

What is it?

Adflex is a company in Adelaide who offering protective coatings, primarily epoxy floors. You have decided upon epoxy flooring in the kitchen and bathroom to begin the transformation of your home.

What will it look like?

It will be decorated as numerous colours will be blended and then added to the already laid commercial surface. It will be clean and reflects light, making the rooms look larger. A marble effect or swirly pattern can be produced or perhaps you wish to have a logo for that personal touch. Maybe having your favourite sports team crest or family emblem could be a unique feature spoken about by your visitors.

What are the benefits?

Your bathroom will have a smooth floor, which is easy to clean but can also have nonslip features added in relevant required areas. It will be bright and somewhere you are happy to spend time in. It will be sealed securely to be water resistant meaning no leaks or damage to other areas.

The kitchen will be resistant to heat as well as water and wind damage if you happen to drop appliances or heavy utensils on it. It will even handle your booking if it lands on the floor! Cleaning is easy through conventional methods, meaning a high level of hygiene.

The light will reflect in both rooms, saving you money in bulbs and electric. Once laid the flooring has a longevity meaning once down there is little any other expense.

Go for epoxy flooring from Adflex Protective Coatings today

Install epoxy flooring and transform your rooms into elegant shiny and water and heat resistant areas that will give your home a new look.