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Having your house or apartment broken into is a traumatising experience. Know someone was rumbling around your stuff, touching at all your personal belongings is not a nice feeling. When you’ve been burgled, it can leave you feeling like your home is unsafe and not fit to stay in. To ensure you restore your home security and make it even better, follow all of these useful tips.

First Things First

If you have arrived home and you find your house has been burgled, don’t go inside, and start looking around. You don’t know whether the assailant has left the property or if they are still around. Your first instinct will be to go and investigate and maybe call a locksmith in Kwinana to come and repair the damage caused by the burglar. Before you do any of this, call the police.

Find a Safe Spot

Find a safe place to park your car and call the authorities. Don’t go near your home until a police car has arrived on the scene. If you disturb a burglar in the middle of a robbery, you never know how they’ll react. Things could turn violent, and this is the last thing you want.

Assess the Damage

It will probably be obvious where the perpetrators gained access, usually through a back window or at a door that has a defective or old locking system. Walk around the house and make a list of what items are missing. They will compile a police report, and this can be used when you claim off the insurance.

Professional Locksmith

When your personal living quarters have been violated by a burglar, you’ll need to call an experienced locksmith to restore your home security. You can even go as far as upgrading every lock in the house to improve security. Professional locksmiths are experts at replacing and repairing damaged locks. They can also deal with doors and windows if any of them have been damaged.

Most locksmiths will not only fix locks, but they can also board up broken windows or doors until someone arrives to fix that issue. They will also recommend good quality locks when you want to upgrade.

The only way to truly feel safe in your home after a break-in is to upgrade your locks and have a professional locksmith install high-grade security devices. You can also look at adding CCTV systems, motion-activated lights, alarm systems or barrier fencing to safeguard your property and your family.