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With work from home taking over our professional lives, the line between work and home has thinned and almost blurred. While we stay at home, we work during work hours while simultaneously worrying about running the household and its gazillion chores. And one of the biggest chores has to be cooking.

Cooking different and exciting things every day is almost impossible for anyone. And in our world full of instant food deliveries, it is much harder to find the motivation to bring out the apron and set ourselves to cook a meal. Ordering food sure has its advantages, however, it might not be the healthiest choice for your stomach or your wallet. This is where ready to eat food and frozen food like frozen green peas come into play!

Here are some quick and easy meal ideas that will save you from ordering take out or binging on chips! Each of these recipes contains products from ITC Kitchens of India, which is a leading ready to eat food brand that manufactures the tastiest ready to eat Indian dishes. Along with Kitchens of India, we will also show you how you can use ITC Farmland Frozen Foods like green peas, mixed veggies etc!

Rajma Chawal

With a good quality ready to eat Rajma Masala pack you can achieve the tastiest and most wholesome Rajma Masala within a few minutes. Kitchens of India Ready to Eat Rajma Masala is a great Rajma masala product that you can use to make this comfort food for yourself. All you need to do is heat the pack in boiling water and add some rice to your rice cooker and you’re set within 10-15 minutes!

Italian Green Pea soup

One of the most basic yet the tastiest dishes is a great soup and all you really need at home, except for staples is a pack of frozen green peas!  Green pea soup is a classic Italian dish that does not require a lot of ingredients and takes barely any time to prepare. Follow these simple steps: boil the frozen peas once thawed and, in a pan, sauté garlic and onion and add boiled peas to the mix. Then turn this into a puree and cook this in butter, with salt, pepper and cream and enjoy!

Instant breakfasts from AASHIRVAAD

AASHIRVAAD, known as a brand for its high-quality Atta produces a range of ready to eat food products that work well as instant breakfast items. These include instant Poha, instant Upma, instant Halwa, and instant Idli Sambar. Each of these products only requires heat and can be timesaving as well as delicious.

Paneer Butter Masala

ITC Kitchens of India produces a delicious ready to eat product for all paneer lovers and that is the Kitchens of India Ready to Eat Paneer Butter masala. In a handful of minutes, you can eat a flavourful and delicious paneer butter masala dish, along with roti or rice at home that is as good as a meal at a restaurant!

In addition to Paneer butter masala and Rajma Masala, Kitchens of India also produces multiple other popular Indian dishes in ready to eat forms. Some of them include, Veg Pulao, Dal Makhani, Pongal, Dal Bukhara, Paneer Darbari, Pav Bhaji etc. Make sure to check out the entire range as each product is made to suit your needs!