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We are constantly becoming more and more aware of the environmental impacts on our planet. It’s time to think carefully about our travel stays and accommodations as well in this regard. It is not just about comfort now; it is also about choosing accommodations that not only provide comfort to us but also our environment. This is the sole purpose of this article, where we will explore the rise of eco-friendly lodging and how it will reshape our experiences.

What are the sustainable practices of these eco-friendly accommodations?

When it comes to sustainable practices, hotels are not just asking their guests to reuse towels but implementing some regular practices that will reduce their carbon footprints in various ways. Let’s know about some of them:

  • Energy Efficiency: Various lodges and hostel have been using energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems. They are trying to use more renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Water Conservation: Eco-friendly accommodations also implement technologies like low-flow faucets and toilets that help save water. They also try to collect and reuse the rain water through rainwater harvesting.
  • Waste Reduction: These lodges prioritize waste reduction by recycling, composting, and minimizing single-use plastics. Some even source locally produced, organic packing items to reduce packaging waste.
  • Eco-Friendly Architecture: The design of these lodgings often incorporates eco-friendly materials and construction techniques, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Dining: Many eco-lodges offer farm-to-table dining experiences, sourcing their ingredients locally to support nearby communities and reduce food miles.

Eco-Friendly Certification

Organizations are also trying to lend their hand in this sustainability approach; they offer various certification programs to help the accommodations listed in the eco-friendly category. One of the most recognizable is the LEED certification, which evaluates the buildings on their design and operation. These factors can easily be checked by travellers either on the website or on travel apps like OYO, Expedia & others.

Benefits for Travelers

Choosing eco-friendly lodging isn’t just about reducing your ecological footprint; it also offers several benefits to travelers:

  1. Unique Experiences: Eco-lodges often provide immersive experiences that connect guests with nature. Whether it’s stargazing in a remote desert or bird-watching in a rainforest, these stays offer memorable experiences.
  • Healthier Stays: Many eco-lodges prioritize indoor air quality and natural materials, creating a healthier and more rejuvenating environment for guests.
  • Supporting Local Communities: With eco-friendly accommodations comes the well-being of local communities. So if you booked a stay with any travel app like Hopper, you choose the accommodation where they are trying to collaborate with the nearby artisans and ensure that tourism is also benefiting the community.


This rise shows us the positive impact of our decisions on the travel industry. Remember that the travel and hotel industry and F&B business are huge entities; it is not a small chain of accommodations. It includes so much more, so try to make an impact on your decisions. Choose travel accommodations that are safe for our environment rather than going ahead with a fancy choice of hotel stay that compromises on these grounds and then we can witness the change yourself. It will not only make your environment happy but also your soul satisfied.