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With the busy lifestyle, many people are in dire need of housekeepers to keep their homes and life clean and hassle-free. Before hiring someone for housekeeping it is important to understand the types of housekeeping services available and what the requirement for that particular property is.

Even though housekeepers Dallas can be categorized for institutional and domestic purposes, there are other types of housekeeping available for domestic purposes only.

Types of Housekeeping Services

1.    Cleaning services

These services include a cleaner or maid who comes in short visits or regularly when there is some requirement.

2.    A housekeeper who lives in

In this type, the housekeepers are provided with accommodation when they are assigned this task. These housekeepers will be very professional and will clean, and make sure the entire home is cared for.

3.    A housekeeper who comes when required

This type of housekeeper will be either part-time or full-time. These housekeepers also do the same task but they won’t stay in the house as those houses don’t need full-time support or the house doesn’t have enough space to accommodate them.

4.    House Manager

In this case, the housekeepers Dallas will provide extra support along with their regular duties. This will be for houses that have more staff who need scheduling and organizing. All these admin activities will be handled by the house manager.

How to decide which type of housekeeping staff is required?

To decide on what type of housekeeper is suitable for the job, people should consider the following things.

  1. What is the size of the property?
  2. How often does the housekeeper have to come to the house?
  3. Do they have to live inside the home or can they stay outside?
  4. Apart from cleaning, do they have to handle any more tasks?
  5. How flexible should they be?
  6. Do they have to come when the owner is traveling?
  7. Do they have to stay and look after the home during the travel time?

Duties of a housekeeper

  • The housekeepers Dallas have to ensure the home is organized and thoroughly cleaned.
  • They might have to cook if asked by the employer
  • They have to run the errands that are required for organizing and maintaining the home.
  • They have to take care of the pets if any
  • For shopping and school work they might have to drive.

What skills are required in order to become a good housekeeper?

  • They should have the ability to spot the requirements of the home without being ordered by anyone.
  • They should know time management.
  • They have to give attention to every single detail that is required to maintain the home.

Basic house cleaning duties that are mandatory

Along with additional duties, there are a few basic things that are to be handled by any housekeeper. They include

  1. Daily cleaning of all rooms like kitchen, bathrooms, and bathrooms.
  2. Making and cleaning beds every single day.
  3. They have to clean and tidy up generally.
  4. Dusting as part of daily or weekly cleaning.


Having a housekeeper will reduce any allergies or possibilities of allergies as there will be regular dusting and vacuuming. Hiring a housekeeper can bring more free time to the owners of the house as most of the work will be completed in the house efficiently.